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"Our objective is to get your case dismissed!"
Upon receipt of your call we can explain
defenses you may not be aware of.
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Upon receipt of your call, we can explain legal defenses you may not know about. These defenses when aggressively pursued can make the ENTIRE DIFFERENCE between WINNING or LOSING your case. Even if you believe you are guilty, the state may not be able to prove you are guilty! If you plead guilty without forcefully fighting back, you will be found guilty, and you will be surrendering many effective defenses available to you.

As a starting point, as you see above, Bruce Lamb has outstanding academic credentials.

When you call, we will explain how a Stet, Nolle Prosecqui and legal defenses can help you. If transportation is an issue you can begin your case by phone or mail.

When you retain Bruce Lamb, you will get an excellent opportunity to have your case dismissed. "RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING" . Our objective is to avoid a criminal conviction that can stay with you for the rest of your life and a possible jail sentence. We are very familiar with the Maryland Courts and how they operate. By retaining a private lawyer: (1)  You will always have some one to consult with when you need answers.   (2)  You will not be handed off to different people.   (3)  You will not have to wait, or hope, for a return call that you may not get.   If you were not properly or aggressively represented, have gone to court and lost, or not satisfied with the result, Bruce Lamb is experienced in representing you in your appeal and can file Motions to Modify a sentence or modify probation.


"The outcome you obtained in my theft case exceeded my expectations. Thanks" ~ E.S. "Your representation was outstanding in getting my assault case thrown out even before I had to take the witness stand. You are the lawyer they need to call." ~ R. W.

"Thank you for your relentless representation that resulted in a dismissal of all of my marihuana, paraphernalia and CDS charges." ~ M.W.

"Bruce Lamb is the lawyer you need to take to court with you in any peace order case. In my case he thoroughly researched the case, forcefully cross examined the complaining witness which completely convinced the court to deny the peace order so I did not have to testify. I was further impressed that after the peace order was denied, he took further action to shield the fact the case ever existed. ~A.N."

"I can not thank you enough for getting all of my charges dismissed before I even had to testify and for properly preparing the case before trial. I am so glad that I chose you as my lawyer." ~ T.S.

"Although I thought I was going to jail for not stopping and not returning to the scene of an accident, running a stop sign, your knowledge of the law and aggressive representation in getting all six charges completly dismissed at trial was phenomenal, especially since I was on probation. I am so glad I switched lawyers and selected you. Many thanks." ~ J. P.

Examples of cases we can help you with are:

Assault - Theft - DUI - DWI - Preliminary Hearings - Peace Orders Marijuana - Drug Crimes - Drug Distribution - paraphrenalia Driving on Suspended License - Radar - Speeding - Fraud - - Domestic Violence MVA Hearings - Appeals - Resisting Arrest - Escape - Forgery Robbery - Sex Offenses - Burglary - Traffic - Hand Gun Possession Violation of Probation - Parole Hearings - Warrants - Bail Reviews Homicide - Manslaughter - Murder - Motions to Reduce or Modify a Sentence or Probation

In you are on probation or parole, upon receipt of your call, we can determine if we can modify or reduce the balance of your sentence, parole or probation.

"Effective private representation does "NOT" need to be expensive."

If you are motivated to assist with your own defense; are looking for an experienced attorney that will provide clear answers to your questions throughout your case; keep you informed of all developments; will remain focused on your case and aggressively represent you, you just have found that attorney.

Upon receipt of your call we can explain effective defenses that will be helpful for your case, the different and keep you informed about the progress of your case.

            Bruce Lamb, Esquire
            University of Baltimore J D
            University of Maryland PhD
            Johns Hopkins University MLA
            Loyola University BS

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime you are probably frightened and concerned about your future and that of your family.

Without exception, anyone who is arrested should REMAIN SILENT!

This means do you should not answer questions by the any law inforcement authorities including the police. Just state "I want an attorney" and contact a criminal attorney before you make any statements. Law enforcement officers are trained to investigate crimes and collect evidence to build the state's case against you. In their search for evidence, procedures are frequently are not adhered to and frequently statements are taken out of context in their pursuit of building their case against you. Many suspects provide the evidence that is needed to uphold a conviction that would not have resulted had they exercised their right to remain silent. While it is not advisable to be hostile to law enforcement officials, that is not the same as exercising a right to remain silent.

The State of Maryland is able to take advantage of their extensive staff of attonreys, police, investigators, crime labs and experts, to pursue the charge against you. We are able to equalize that advantage. The state is required to prove each element of each crime. Because frequently they are not able to meet the burden of proof, we know exactly how to force them to prove each element of each charge against you because we know how to punch holes in their arguments in order to get the case dismissed.

We are experienced and available to represent you in every Maryland County and Federal Court. Is it possible for you to get my case dismissed?

Under some circumstances, it is possible.

In a criminal case, the state's attorney is generally the only official to make a decison if to dismiss a case.

That decision can depend on many factors such as the effectiveness of the evidence, availability of important witnesses, and the effectiveness of the lawyer that is representing you.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney will discover factors that support a dismissal which factors frequently depend upon leading cases which dictate how a trial judge must rule on the evidence. such factors and negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to obtain the very best outcome based on those circumstances.

Frequently evidence is not admissible as it was it was improperly obtained.

The experience and training of the lawyer that represents you can make all of the difference in winning or losing your case.

Serious Criminal cases require an Maryland criminal lawyer who has the training and experienced to afford you the best opportunity to get your case dismissed. Anyone who is an attorney can attempt to represent you in criminal court, but not everyone can do so effectively.

It is an established fact that the skill and talent of your lawyer will have an impact on the outcome of your case. A Maryland criminal attorney needs to be familiar with district court and circuit court procedures.

If you have been accused or arrested of a crime in Maryland, you may feel frightened, confused and concerned about the consequences for yourself fan family your family.

Anyone who is accused or arrested should exercise their right to remain silent.

This means you should not answer any questions asked by law enforcement officers. Just politely state that you want a lawyer, and contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

In addition to our understanding of Maryland criminal law and procedure, we also have learned that communication is sometimes half the battle when representing clients accused of crimes. Clients need to know the status of their case at all times, so that they can properly consider all of their potential options.

At our firm we are always be approachable, responsive, and effective. We are fluent in English and Spanish and keep flexible office hours, respond promptly to phone calls, and keep clients promptly informed of the status of their case.

Our law Office offers legal services in criminal defense and juvenile defenses.

Criminal Terms

We can help if you are charged with any of the following offenses:

weapons offenses, such as being a felon in possession of a weapon

DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol

drug offenses including possession of controlled dangerous substances

reckless endangerment, such as discharging a gun

armed robbery

all degrees of theft

all degrees of burglary

all degrees of assault

unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

domestic violence

all degrees of rape or sexual offenses

traffic offenses, such as speeding, reckless driving, or driving without a license


all degrees of murder

bad checks


violation of a protective order

resisting arrest

animal cruelty

e-mail or telephone misuse

all kinds of fraud


sex offense

Crime. An offense against person or property as defined by the Annotated Code of Maryland or the common law.

Computer crime. Incidents that do not fit within the definitions of the specialized types of cyber attacks and cyber theft. Encompasses spyware, adware, hacking, phishing, spoofing, pinging, sniffing, port scanning, and theft of otherwise collection, regardless of whether harm or losses were uninterrupted as a ending.

Individualized crimes

Assault, sexual assault, and theft. This category includes both attempted and completed crimes.

criminal law defense - representation of persons who have been accused of committing crimes.

Locus of crime. The place where a crime occurred. Crimes occurring in commercial establishments, restaurants, nightclubs, open business and corresponding places refer only to crimes involving against persons, not against the establishments.

Domestic violence - crimes committed by and against romantic partners, relatives, romantic partners, or parents of children in common.

Motor vehicle theft

Concealment or unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, including attempted thefts.


The usual place of residence.

Unauthorized entry without violence - This is a simple burglary.

Incident -

A special criminal act involving one or more victims and offenders. If two groups are robbed at the identical time and place, this is classified as two victimizations but only one criminal incident.

Attempted theft - The uncompleted attempt to steal property.

Multiple offenders

Two or much persons inflicting personal injury.

Maryland prosecutor is the lawyer assigned by the state to prosecute criminal cases, including felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses.

Maryland criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer authorized by the Bar Association to defend persons accused of crime

Maryland personal injury lawyer is a lawyer representing injured parties in civil suits such as slip-and-fall, accident cases, and medical malpractice, as well as employment discrimination.

Maryland criminal laws are to be found in the Annotated Code of Maryland as well as in case law

top criminal lawyers in Maryland are frequently listed in journals

criminal attorneys in Maryland assist people accused of committing crimes

Maryland criminal lawyers can help you win your criminal case.

Criminal lawyers in Maryland are lawyers admitted to the Maryland bar.

Federal lawyers in Maryland are lawyers admitted to the Federal bar.

A Maryland criminal defense attorney can assist you with a criminal charge in Maryland.

Maryland personal injury lawyer can assist you if you have been injured in Maryland.

Maryland prosecutor is a State official who prosecutes criminal charges.

Pro bono criminal defense lawyers assist indigent defendants.

Pro bono criminal lawyers in md are licensed in the state of Maryland to practice law.

Are pro bono lawyers good? Pro bono lawyers are qualified by the State bar association.

Lawyers who do pro bono work assist defendants without charge.

Criminal lawyers for low income families may provide representation without charge or at a reduced rate.

Criminal defense law is a specialty practice area requiring an in-depth knowledge of case law.

Maryland criminal law firms specialize in assisting crimninal defendants.

criminal law attorney md may be found on the internet.

top criminal lawyers in Maryland represent the most difficult cases.

federal lawyers in Maryland represent defendants in Federal court.

criminal defense lawyer represents criminal defendants.

Maryland judiciary case search lists all cases filed in Maryland.

Pro bono criminal lawyers in Maryland are available to help poor clients.

Baltimore criminal attorney may be found on the net.

Maryland public defender salary is established by the Office of the Public Defender.

Maryland public defender eligibility is determined by income. Maryland public defender appellate division represents clients in appeals. Maryland public defender internship may be available to upper level law school students. Virginia public defender assists criminal defendants in the state of Virginia. Maryland public defender upper Marlboro works primarily in Prince George's County Maryland public defender jobs are advertised in the Daily Record

Maryland public defender collateral review examines possible errors by the trial lawyer.

Maryland criminal lawyer is a lawyer experienced in the criminal courts

Maryland defense attorney is a lawyer who practices in the criminal courts

Maryland criminal law is that body of jurisprudence in force in the state of Maryland dealing with criminal law.

Maryland criminal charges are accusations of wrongdoing

Maryland expungement is the process of removing criminal records

Federal lawyers in Maryland are authorized to practice in the United States courts

Public defender Baltimore county address is available at the County courthouse.

Baltimore county public defender office represents indigent residents of Baltimore County with their legal issues.

Public defender of Baltimore City represents indigent residents of Baltimore County with their legal issues.

Legal aid Baltimore County represents needy residents of Baltimore County with civil issues.

Public defender Howard County represents needy residents of Howard County in criminal cases.

District attorney or State's attorney for Baltimore County prosecutes crimes in Baltimore County.

Md Public Defender Service or Md Public Defender Office represents indigent criminal defendants.

Identity theft

Includes one or more kinds theft, such as unaccredited use or attempted use of an existing account or unlicensed use or attempted use of passwords.

Maryland criminal law firms are associations of lawyers who specialize in criminal cases.

Criminal law attorney MD is a lawyer who represents persons accused of crimes.

Criminal defense lawyer can help mitigate your sentence.

Maryland judiciary case search is a database listing all judicial proceedings in Maryland.

Non-Hispanic Persons who report their ethnic origin as something other than Hispanic.

Non negligent or voluntary manslaughter Threat with a weapon - Threat or attempted attack by an offender armed with a knife, gun, or other object used as a weapon that does not result in victim injury.

Assault An unlawful physical attack or threat of attack. Assaults may be classified as aggravated or simple. Attempted rape, rape, and sexual assaults are excluded from this category, as well as robbery and attempted robbery. The severity of assaults ranges from minor threats to nearly fatal incidents.

We can help if you are charged with any of the following offenses:

weapons offenses, such as being a felon in possession of a weapon

DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol

drug offenses including possession of controlled dangerous substances

reckless endangerment, such as discharging a gun

armed robbery

all degrees of theft

all degrees of burglary

all degrees of assault

unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

domestic violence

all degrees of rape or sexual offenses

traffic offenses, such as speeding, reckless driving, or driving without a license


all degrees of murder

bad checks


violation of a protective order

resisting arrest

animal cruelty

e-mail or telephone misuse

all kinds of fraud


sex offense

Crime. An offense against person or property as defined by the Annotated Code of Maryland or the common law. Forcible entry - A form of completed burglary in which force is used to gain entry to a residence. Some examples include breaking a window or slashing a screen. A Maryland criminal attorney can answer your questions.

Business A company, service or membership organization consisting of one or more establishments under the same ownership or control.

Unlawful or forcible entry or attempted entry of a residence. The structure does not be the house itself for a burglary to take place; illegal entry of a garage, shed, or any other structure on the premises also constitutes household burglary. This crime usually, but not always, involves theft. The illegal entry may be by force, such as breaking a window or slashing a screen, or may be without force by entering through an unlocked door or an open window. As long as the person entering has no legal right to be present in the structure a burglary has occurred. If breaking and entering occurs in a hotel or vacation residence, it is still classified as a burglary for the household whose member or members were staying there at the time the entry occurred.

Attempted forcible entry is a form of burglary in which force is used in an attempt to gain entry to premises.

Completed burglary - A form of burglary in which a person who has no legal right to be present in the structure successfully gains entry to a residence, by use of force, or without force.

Motor Vehicle A motorcycle, automobile, truck, or any other motorized vehicle legally allowed on public roads and highways. Completed motor vehicle theft - The successful taking of a vehicle by an unauthorized person.

Attempted motor vehicle theft - The unsuccessful attempt by an unauthorized person to take a vehicle.

Larceny The unlawful taking of property other than a motor vehicle from the possession of another, by stealth, without force or deceit. Includes pocketpicking, nonforcible purse snatching, shoplifting, and thefts from motor vehicles. Excludes receiving or reselling stolen property (fencing), and thefts through fraud or deceit.

Aggravated assault An attack or attempted attack with a weapon, regardless of whether an injury occurred, and an attack without the weapon when serious injury results.

With injury - an attack with a weapon involving any injury or an attack without a weapon when serious injury results. Serious injury includes lost teeth, broken bones, internal injuries, loss of consciousness, and any unspecified injury requiring two or more days of hospitalization. It is based on judicial decisions rather than legislative action.

Community Control - A form of probation restricting the defendant's movements to an extreme degree.

Commutation - The reduction of a sentence, as from death to life imprisonment. criminal case. The alienation, parting with, or giving up property.

Dissent - An appellate court opinion presenting the minority view and outlining the disagreement of one or more judges with the decision of the majority. To disagree.

Diversion - The process of removing some traffic, minor criminal, or juvenile cases from the full judicial process, on the condition that the accused undergo some sort of rehabilitation or make restitution for damages.

DOC - The Department of Corrections - state penal facility.

Docket - A log containing brief entries of court proceedings. A list of cases to be heard by a court or

Docket card or case history - The computer printout of proceedings in a case. Maryland criminal lawyers

Docket sounding - An initial proceeding in which a judge assigns trial dates or takes pleas.

Victimization rate - Number of victimization per thousand persons or households that occurred during the year.

Victimize - To commit a crime against a person or household.

Violence, crimes of - Rape, robbery, sexual assault, or assault. Crimes of violence include both attempted and completed crimes. It does not include pocket picking or purse snatching. Murder is not measured by the NCVS because of an inability to question the victim.

Completed violence - The sum of all completed rapes, robberies, sexual assaults, and assaults. See individual crime types for definition of completed crimes. Attempted/threatened violence - The unsuccessful attempt of rape, sexual assault, personal robbery or assault. Includes attempted attacks or sexual assaults by means of verbal threats. See individual crime types for definition of attempted crimes.

Commit - To send a person to prison, mental health facility, or reformatory by a court order. To perpetrate, as a crime, to perform as an act, to entrust, to pledge.

Common Law - The legal system that originated in England and is now in use in the United States.

Declaratory judgment - A judgment of the court that expounds on the existing law or expresses the opinion of the court without the need for enforcement.

Deed - A writing signed by a grantor, a conveyance of realty; by which title to realty is transferred from one to another. A written instrument, signed and delivered, by which one person conveys land, tenements, or hereditaments to another.

Defamation - Any action which tends to injure a person. Libel is written defamation, whereas slander is oral.

Intentional manslaughter - Intentionally and without legal justification causing the death of another when acting under extreme provocation. The combined category of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter excludes involuntary or negligent manslaughter, conspiracies to commit murder, solicitation of murder, and attempted murder.

Conciliation - A form of alternative dispute resolution in which the parties bring their dispute to a neutral third party, who helps lower tensions, improve communications, and explore possible solutions. Conciliation is similar to mediation, but it may be less formal. Maryland criminal attorneys Maryland criminal lawyers are listed in the lawyers' directory published by the Maryland bar association.

Top criminal lawyers in Maryland can be researched.

Criminal lawyers in MD defend clients accused of crimes.

Federal lawyers in Maryland can assist in such matters as bankruptcy.

Maryland defense attorney is available to assist clients in criminal cases.

Maryland DUI attorney can avoid jail time or fines.

Md public criminal attorneys include members of the Public Defender's Office.

Maryland personal injury lawyer can assisted people who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Maryland prosecutor represents the State in criminal cases.

Pro bono lawyers for criminal cases can help clients avoid a criminal conviction.

Pro bono criminal defense lawyers are available to indigent clients without charge.

Pro bono criminal lawyers in MD may be accessed through the bar association.

Lawyers who do pro bono work. All Maryland lawyers are required to do a certain amount of pro bono work.

Are pro bono lawyers good? Pro bono lawyers are licensed by the State of Maryland through the bar examination.

Concurrent sentences - Sentences for more than one crime that are to be served at the same time, rather than one after the other.

Condemnation - The legal process by which the government takes private land for a public use, paying the owners a fair price as determined by the court.

Conflict attorney - One of a pool of attorneys appointed on rotation when a codefendant has the Public Defender.

Consecutive sentences - Successive sentences, one beginning at the expiration of another, imposed against a person convicted of two or more violations.

Conservatorship - Legal right given to a person to manage the property and financial affairs of a person deemed incapable of doing that for himself/herself. Conservators have somewhat less responsibility than guardians.

Contempt of court - An act of disrespect to the court, willful disregard of the court's authority.

Absentee - Person who is absent from his usual place of residence or domicile.

Absentia - Absent.

In absentia - conducted without the defendant present.

Abstract of Title - A chronological summary of all official recorded documents and records affecting the title to a parcel of real property.

Corpus delicti - Body of the crime. The fact that a crime has been committed. It sometimes refers to the body of the victim of a homicide or to the charred shell of a burned house, but the term has a broader meaning. Maryland criminal lawyer For the state to introduce a confession or to convict the accused, it must prove a corpus delicti, that is, the occurrence of a specific injury or loss and a criminal act as the source of that particular injury or loss.

Corroborating Evidence - Supplementary evidence that tends to confirm or strengthen the initial evidence.

Counsel - Layer or Legal adviser in a case.

Counterclaim - In essence, a counter lawsuit within a lawsuit. A claim made by the defendant in a civil lawsuit against the plaintiff.

Court Administrator - An officer appointed or elected to oversee the non judicial administrative activities of the court.

Court Date Notice - A written order to bring the required person to court.

Court - Government entity authorized to resolve legal disputes. Judges sometimes use the term court to refer to themselves in the third person, as in the court has read the brief.

Court costs - The expenses of defending or prosecuting other than the attorneys' fees. Money may be awarded to the successful party and may be recoverable from the losing party as reimbursement for court cost.

Court reporter - A person who stenographically takes down or transcribes by shorthand testimony during court proceedings or at a trial related proceedings such as depositions.

Cross-Claim - A claim by co-plaintiffs or co defendants against each other and not against persons on the opposite side of the lawsuit.

Decision - The judgment given or reached by a court of law. Maryland criminal attorney

Decree - An order of the court. A final decree is one that finally or fully disposes of the litigation. An interlocutory decree is a preliminary order that often disposes of only part of a lawsuit.

Companion Cases or Codefendants - More than one person arrested on the same criminal incident.

Comparative Negligence - A legal doctrine by which acts of the opposing parties are compared to assess a percentage of fault to each defendant..

Complainant - The party who complains or sues; one who applies to the court for legal re-determine the liability of each party to the other, making each liable only for his or her percentage of fault. ess.

Complaint - The legal document that usually begins a civil lawsuit. It states the alleged facts and identifies the action the court is asked to take. Formal written charge that a person has committed a criminal offense Maryland criminal attorney.

Dismissal - Dropping a lawsuit. A dismissal. Dismissal with prejudice prevents the lawsuit from being brought before a court in the future, while without prejudice allows a lawsuit to be brought before the court again at a later time.

Disposition - In criminal procedure, the sentencing or other final settlement of a

De novo - A new trial of a case.

Amicus curiae - One not a party to a case who volunteers to offer information on some aspect of a case or a point of law to assist the court in deciding a matter before it. A friend of the court.

Answer - The defendant's written response to allegations stated in a complaint.

Appeal - Review of the decision of a lower court or administrative agency.

Deposition - An oral statement made under oath. Depositions are taken to examine potential witnesses, to obtain discovery, to be used later in trial. Testimony of a witness other than in open court.

Descent and Distribution Statutes - Statutes regulating the distribution of estate property of a person who dies without a will. Same as intestacy laws.

Directed verdict - An instruction by the judge to the jury to return a specific verdict, presently called judgment as a matter of law.

Direct Evidence - Proof of facts by witnesses who heard words spoken or saw acts done.

Direct Examination - The initial questions asked to witnesses by the party on whose behalf they are called. Maryland criminal lawyers

Disbarment - The loss often permanent of a lawyer's right to practice law. Disbarment differs from censure an official reprimand or condemnation and from suspension a temporary loss of the right to practice law.

Discharge of bond - A court order releasing a bond.

Disclaim - To decline a gift made in a will.

Default - A failure to answer a lawsuit within the specified time.

Default Judgment - A judgment entered against a party failing to appear in court or to respond to the charges.

Defendant - In a criminal case, the person accused of the crime. In a civil case, the person being sued.

Deferred payment - Postponement of time to pay a fine.

Demand for discovery - Demand by the defense attorney to the prosecution to furnish material information on a case.

Demanding state - The state seeking return of a fugitive.

Demurrer - A legal attack on a document as to effect.

Domicile - The location where a person has his or her permanent legal home. Maryland criminal lawyer, A person may have several residences, but only one domicile.

Double jeopardy - trial of a person more than once for the same crime. Double jeopardy is forbidden by the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Due Process of Law - The safeguards and guarantees of the law and the judicial process. Double jeopardy includes such constitutional requirements as assistance of counsel, adequate notices, the right to remain silent, the right to a speedy public trial, the right to an impartial jury and the right to confront and secure witnesses.

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